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Who are we?

Free Software Hardware Movement Puducherry (FSHM) is the largest tech community in Puducherry, driven by volunteers and dedicated to promoting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), Open Hardware, Digital commons, Free Culture, and Knowledge Freedom. Through regional and college-level GLUGs, annual camps, workshops, and seminars, we empower individuals with practical skills and knowledge in FOSS technologies. Our goal is to democratize technology and enable consensual technology for the masses, fostering a more open, inclusive, and equitable digital society.


GLUG (GNU/Linux User’s Group) is student-run communities within colleges or universities affiliated with FSHM. They organize workshops, seminars, and projects to empower students with technical skills through FOSS technologies. GLUG provide inclusive environments for students of all levels to learn, share experiences, and network with industry professionals, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing within educational institutions.

Community Projects

FSHM engages in community projects leveraging FOSS tools. It guides college students towards addressing societal needs through final year projects. Notable initiatives include a Weather Station, Mesh Network, and Telescope, aimed at enhancing access to weather data, communication infrastructure, and scientific exploration.