GNU/Linux Users Group is a community formed by individuals who are interested in using and promoting the GNU/Linux operating system and other free and open-source software.
FSHM coordinates knowledge-sharing initiatives for colleges and universities through the GNU/Linux Users Group (GLUG).

The GLUGs operate at various levels and is guided by the Core Committee Members of FSHM. The functionalities and structure of GLUG are as follows,

  • Each GLUG will have a Representative who will co-ordinate the GLUG and take care of the activities of the GLUG.
  • The College GLUG consists of only the College Students and a Staff Representative.
  • The College GLUG organises activities and events inside the college and will aim to bring people involving them in Community Contributions, Projects, etc.
  • GLUGs are the main point of contact for FOSS related activities and events in the locality.
  • Each College and Regional will plan for Software Freedom Day(SFD), Weekly sessions, Tech fest in campus, workshop and many such activities every year.

CR0N is a community formed by The Students of Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology , Puducherrry to foster FOSS and to do collective learning among peers.


PuduvaiGLUG is the first GNU/Linux Users Group of Puducherry started back in 2011 as a volunteer driven group to promote the usage of GNU/Linux operating systems among college students. Out of which emerged the idea of college level GLUGs. Now its functioning with majority of Professionals and non students who actively participate in free software activities and contributions. With our Industry Professionals PuduvaiGLUG is conducts sessions every week in Maitri


SOTC is a community formed by The Students of Pondicherry University to discuss and respond to Emerging technology concerns, with a motto of making technology open and inclusive.