About us

Free Software Hardware Movement Puducherry(FSHM) is a volunteer-driven community of tech enthusiasts, activists, and developers practicing and propagating FOSS.

FSHM is a Free Software Movement operating in Puducherry under the parent organisation Free Software Movement of India (FSMI) which is a national coalition of various regional and sectoral free software movements operating in different parts of India. Free Software Movements operating under FSHM are :

Social and Open Technology Community (SOTC) – Pondicherry University.
CRON – Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology.

Some of the major aims of FSHM are :

  • Take forward free software and its ideological implications to all corners of Puducherry from the developed domains to the underprivileged
  • Creating awareness among computer users in the use of free software
  • Work towards usage of free software in all streams of sciences and research
  • Take forward implementation and usage of free software in school education, academics and higher education
  • Work towards e-literacy and bridging digital divide based on free software and mobilising the underprivileged
  • Work among developers on solutions catering to societal & national requirements
  • Work towards a policy change favouring free software in all walks of life
  • Stop any penetration of software patents and methods which restrict the development, usage and percolation of knowledge